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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Great Stories About Anything

So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
25th Nov 1999nathan3coolbellupnathan horror story
25th Nov 1999Shannon4Willageeantex vs the mogs.
25th Nov 1999TEAGAN2COOLBELLUPNo Title
25th Nov 1999haidyn3coolbellupNo Title
25th Nov 1999Natasha Cardoas3coolbellupThe Animals Adventure
25th Nov 1999Venessa4coolbellupNo Title
27th Nov 1999Daniel2New PhiladelphiaMy Bike
29th Nov 1999Anita3Wheelers HillMy Life
3rd Dec 1999Francis4Poulton-le-FyldeAcimals (Part1)
11th Dec 1999Kristen2WadsworthMy First Dog
12th Dec 1999Ethan2FlorenceBowling & a birthday...
14th Dec 1999Jessica3BrightonThe backstreetboys
16th Dec 1999Emmy5Spring ValleyMary Lynne's new look of life.
22nd Dec 1999OMAR4ColumbusWORLD CAPITALS.
23rd Dec 1999Shaun1AdelaideNo Title
24th Dec 1999Sabrina2CliffwoodThe Little Kitten
26th Dec 1999LuAnn4HamiltonNo Title
29th Dec 1999Tracey3WaipukurauThe lolly pop boy and the lolly pop girl
30th Dec 1999Ashlyn Yablonski4SaskatoonMy wish come true
8th Jan 2000Kayla1MonroeThe Snowing Day
8th Jan 2000jean2bangkokhome town
8th Jan 2000khem1Bangkokcrspy stomache
9th Jan 2000Carissa and Alexia2Phoenix AZOur Family Alley Kitten
9th Jan 2000Carissa and Alexia3Phoenix AZNo Title
9th Jan 2000Dylan2Haddon Township, NewStuart Little
11th Jan 2000Elle Gover2Lansing, MichiganMy Family
11th Jan 2000Mrs. Taulbee3Carlisle, KYCHARLIE IS MISSING!!!!!
13th Jan 2000Dustin1MonroeMe an Papa went fishing
14th Jan 2000Elle Gover5Lansing, MichiganThe Book of Stories
14th Jan 2000Tondalaya3Grove CityBrandy's Way
16th Jan 2000Tanisha3Oak cityMy make up day
17th Jan 2000Amanda3KenoraThe First Day of School
20th Jan 2000Sara4HuntintonOpps
24th Jan 2000Georgina3MelbourneDorothy and Tom
25th Jan 2000Jenny1AspenTravel
1st Feb 2000flea4waxhawjust wanana have fun
4th Feb 2000Michelle3LogansportAbout winter
6th Feb 2000Lauren3KalispellThe gopher who fell off the moon.
6th Feb 2000Erika and Toni2Bonita springsBobby the Blowfish
10th Feb 2000Eliabeth5MidlothianNo Title
10th Feb 2000Ashley5Chesterfield"My Son"
10th Feb 2000Stacy5ChesterfiedMy Best Friend
11th Feb 2000Daniel Ellis5ChesterfieldNo Title
11th Feb 2000William5ChesterfieldRespect
11th Feb 2000NIcole4Santa BarbaraDear Ms.Otter
19th Feb 2000Sine4CanberraThere is a dog
22nd Feb 2000Christie4VernonMe and "The Bug"
26th Feb 2000LIron5JerusalemMy experience with witches
26th Feb 2000Israel5JerusalemCow Coat