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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
22nd Jun 2004Jason Timothy White5ProphetstownThree-Nineteen Forward Lane
22nd Jun 2004Leanne5Canton*Currently untitled*
24th Jun 2004Anna3TokyoKey Girl #1
25th Jun 2004Latine2IthilienElven Archers #9
25th Jun 2004Latine4IthilienElven Archers #10
26th Jun 2004Anna5TokyoDeath #3
28th Jun 2004Latine5IthilienFor those of you who don't know what a D
28th Jun 2004Latine3IthilienElven Archers #11
28th Jun 2004Leanne5Canton*Currently untitled* #2
28th Jun 2004Jade Goodes4North HuntingdonMy Journey to Neverland (part 5)
30th Jun 2004Jessica Noyce2GravesendYou Don't Know
1st Jul 2004Latine5IthilienUSA Agent Journal Entry #1
1st Jul 2004Latine5IthilienUSA Agent Journal Entry #2
2nd Jul 2004Minami4YokohamaA Medieval Traveler: Part 8
3rd Jul 2004Latine4IthilienUSA Journal Entry #3
4th Jul 2004Latine3IthilienUSA Agent Journal Entry #4
4th Jul 2004Anna4TokyoKey Girl #2
5th Jul 2004Anna4TokyoJake Stelian Lover #5
5th Jul 2004Diathri4CorkDragon Country #1
6th Jul 2004Dagor4SistersSpelling Counts!
6th Jul 2004Leanne4Canton*Currently untitled* #3
6th Jul 2004Kay4MelbThe Cursed Castle- A Play
7th Jul 2004Diathri3CorkDragon Country #2
8th Jul 2004Anna5TokyoAll But One 1
8th Jul 2004Anna3TokyoLiar, Liar, LIAR!!!
8th Jul 2004Brittany5TewksburyPatted Rain
8th Jul 2004Brittany5TewksburyThe mind of Devonny
8th Jul 2004Butterfly4DenverDoes She Love Me?
8th Jul 2004Anna5TokyoDeath #4
8th Jul 2004Latine4IthilienUSA Agent Journal Entry #5
9th Jul 2004Jessica Noyce5GravesendThe Vannishing. Chapter One
10th Jul 2004Hannah4???Ruby's move (Part 1+2 of story 1!)
10th Jul 2004Hannah3???Ruby's move (Part 3+4 of story 1)
10th Jul 2004Latine4IthilienUSA Agent Journal Entry #6
11th Jul 2004Anna3TokyoKey Girl #3
11th Jul 2004Brittany5TewksburyWild West Part 1
11th Jul 2004Brittany5TewksburyWild West Part 2
11th Jul 2004Brittany5TewksburyWild West Part 3
11th Jul 2004Latine4IthilienUSA Agent Journal Entry #7
11th Jul 2004Rachel4PhoenixGlaive Fighters: Prologue Part 1
11th Jul 2004Brittany5TewksburySouthern comfort
11th Jul 2004Julia5schrieverHorse Brigade chapter 1
12th Jul 2004Julia4schrieverHorse Brigade Chapter two
12th Jul 2004Jessica4thunder bayA life of an secret agent and her best
13th Jul 2004Jessica Noyce5GravesendI'm Sorry You Had To Die
13th Jul 2004Jenny1FordsTo Jessica Noyce
13th Jul 2004Jessica Noyce1GravesendTo Jenny
13th Jul 2004Jessica Noyce1GravesendPeople for my story are needed. interest
13th Jul 2004Jenny1FordsJess
13th Jul 2004Leanne5Canton*Currently untitled* #4