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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Great Stories About Anything

So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
5th Feb 2004KelVonte4MemphisTen feet tall
5th Feb 2004Victoria3Memphis The Day I Got 10 feet Taller
5th Feb 2004Priscilla3MemphiisTen Feet Tall
5th Feb 2004Michael3MemphisTHE DAY I WAS TEN FEET TALL
5th Feb 2004Chardeanna3MemphisTen Feet Tall
5th Feb 2004Anterius2MemphisTEN FOOT TALL
5th Feb 2004Rorekas3MemphisIf I was ten feet tall.
5th Feb 2004Jashley Reed3Memphis TN,The Day I was Ten Feet Tall
5th Feb 2004Eriel4MemphisThe day I was ten feet tall
5th Feb 2004LISA3MEMPHISThe day I was ten feet tall
5th Feb 2004Shateria5MemphisThe Day I Was Ten Feet tall
5th Feb 2004Kurris4MemphisWhen I WAS TEN FEET TALL
6th Feb 2004Aimee0BrightonA past present and a future. pt 17
6th Feb 2004David0SistersKronx, The Hidden Menace
6th Feb 2004David4SistersKronx, The Hidden Menace Part three
6th Feb 2004Anna4?MEEEOOOWWW! #1
6th Feb 2004Donny0Windsor ONThe Magical Olimpics
7th Feb 2004stephanie5sydneyGoosebumps (The Haunted Mask 2)
7th Feb 2004Aimee5BrightonA past, present and a future pt 17
8th Feb 2004Cameron0LondonBob and the Aliens
8th Feb 2004Cameron0LondonBob and the Aliens
9th Feb 2004Jodie0Brighton the ghost of young Piper-Marie.
10th Feb 2004Aimee5Brightona past, present and a future pt 19 (last
10th Feb 2004Amy0BearsdenThe Spittle P14
10th Feb 2004Amy0BearsdenThe Spittle P15
10th Feb 2004Amy0BearsdenThe Spittle P16
10th Feb 2004Matt0Downing townThe safe
11th Feb 2004???0???Kidnapper
11th Feb 2004Michael0Hoffman EstatesThe real tale of Red Riding Hood(1)
11th Feb 2004Erika-Maye0BrightonMurder by the murdered.
11th Feb 2004Amy3BearsdenKim Potter #4
11th Feb 2004Amy0BearsdenKim Potter #4
13th Feb 2004Aditi0IndoreFools' Family
13th Feb 2004Jenny0Bradford (england)DEATH IS A HORRIBLE THING
13th Feb 2004Amy0BearsdenThe Spittle P14
13th Feb 2004Amy0BearsdenThe Spittle P15
13th Feb 2004Amy0BeasrdenThe Spittle P16
13th Feb 2004David3SistersKronx, The Hidden Menace, Part Four
14th Feb 2004Aimee5Brightona past present and a future pt 20
14th Feb 2004Cameron0LondonHappy Man's Happy Day
14th Feb 2004Amanda0mississaugaMY JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE WITH TS AND OCD!
15th Feb 2004Cathryn5A townAnother one of the many stories
15th Feb 2004Cathryn0A townYawns Are Signs of Boredom:)
15th Feb 2004Cathryn5A townKiss the clouds and go on home
17th Feb 2004Erin0MississaugaMy Brave Friend
17th Feb 2004Aimee0Brightona past present and a future pt 21.(secti
17th Feb 2004Aimee5BrightonA past present and a future pt 22 (secti
18th Feb 2004ria0st julien d'hotmanMy lost friend and cousin
18th Feb 2004ria0St Julien D'hotmantribute to you
18th Feb 2004ria0St Julien D'hotmanthanks mum