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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
28th Jul 2003Sarah5Pittsburgh, PaThe Rich Teacher
28th Jul 2003Rachel4PhoenixWar for Liberty (Chap 1 Part 1)
28th Jul 2003zoe3Sydneyshort story
29th Jul 2003Bronte2SydneyCindarella
31st Jul 2003jessuku4tokyoluna 12 (from the first luna 11)
1st Aug 2003Mary Anne5why do you wanna knoWhy Fight?What I think about wars
1st Aug 2003Julia4Won't tellToo Cool To Care
1st Aug 2003jessuku5TokyoLuna 12 (continued)
4th Aug 2003Mallorie3??????A Journey Forgotton: Part 1
5th Aug 2003Noah2Richmond, VABaboon Bobby
6th Aug 2003M.O.E.5HoutstonStormy nights
8th Aug 2003KRISTEN4ORANGEA Strange Car Behind Me
8th Aug 2003Hunter5OklahomaUnTitled for Now.
8th Aug 2003Mikie2ActworthWhatever you do don't fall asleep! Part
9th Aug 2003mandavi choudhary3delhimy nice or bad visit to india
9th Aug 2003Mandavi5delhiA letter to someone whom you love
11th Aug 2003Cookie Girl4CookievilleWacky Wednesday
15th Aug 2003Mikie1ActworthScooby doo! It is made up by me
15th Aug 2003Mikie1ActworthScooby doo and Shaggy song part one mad
15th Aug 2003Mikie1ActworthVelma song!
15th Aug 2003Mikie2ActworthThe cop song
17th Aug 2003Kristen4MalenyCans of Soft drink
18th Aug 2003Vanessa1Lubbock,TexasEveryone Please Read!!
18th Aug 2003Vanessa2Lubbock,TexasA Race Horse Part 1: A Beautiful Beginin
19th Aug 2003Lucy5NorthamptonCarpe Diem-Prologue-Part 1
19th Aug 2003Lucy5NorthamptonCarpe Diem-Prologue-Part 2
19th Aug 2003Lucy5NorthamptonCarpe Diem-Prologue-Part 3
19th Aug 2003Lucy5NorthamptonCarpe Diem-Prologue-Part 4
20th Aug 2003Rachel3PhoenixSacred Magic Chapter 1 Part 1
21st Aug 2003Mikie1Actworth GeorgiaThere is something in my locker trailer
23rd Aug 2003Chrissie2LondonHELP! Am in trouble!
23rd Aug 2003katie4tulsaMother's Job and Tammy's Job
24th Aug 2003Skistar1232HantsA story
25th Aug 2003Milly1FarehamA story
25th Aug 2003Vanessa3Lubbock,TexasGigan's Life Part 1: Showdown with Megal
27th Aug 2003Kayla4WyomingAn Artist's Hand/ Chapter 1/ first few p
27th Aug 2003Kayla5WyomingAn Artist's Hand/ Chapter 1/ continue
27th Aug 2003Kayla5WyomingAn Artist's Hand/ Chapter 1/ continue
28th Aug 2003Natalie3ThomastonMeeting the Barber-Brown
28th Aug 2003Mikie1ActworthA short storie called the Evil police of
28th Aug 2003Mikie2Actworthpart 3 of the evil police men trailer
29th Aug 2003Alicia4HendersonRunning Away
31st Aug 2003Sarah5OssiningThe Mysterious Girl Part 1
1st Sep 2003sandra norrbom3del cityThe Monster Who Has Bones
2nd Sep 2003sandra4del cityThe Monster That has Bones the part 2
2nd Sep 2003Samuel5ProphetstownStar Trek, Part 1
3rd Sep 2003Charlotte5MerseysideRobyn Good
3rd Sep 2003Charlotte4B'headWhere were you...
3rd Sep 2003Kaelin5KentuckyLittle Lynlee
4th Sep 2003Anna5?The Journey to the City of Energy