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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
2nd Apr 2003sandra4mid west cityThe Package On My Doorstep
3rd Apr 2003Rachel4PhoenixFaeries Part 1
4th Apr 2003*^*^*^*^Kajori**^^**4TorontoTear Fighter 3
4th Apr 2003****^^^^Kajori^^^^**2TorontoTear Fighter 4
6th Apr 2003Go-go-Gadget4OrldoThe Great Adventures Of Kovu Montgumery!
7th Apr 2003omair5riyadhmy last day at school and my country
7th Apr 2003selma . B4hamilton/ontlord of the rings
8th Apr 2003WEI Boon3Serangoon NorthSpiderman Saves The Day
8th Apr 2003Rachel (Legolas)3PhoenixThe Crystal ( Sailor moon)
9th Apr 2003Jamie4FleetThe baptism of fire - Unfinished
10th Apr 2003Mikey5EdinburghIt's Never The Truth! 1
10th Apr 2003Lindsey4ClarkfieldOctifishorse
10th Apr 2003roxana3ClarkfieldA Trip to New Mexico
10th Apr 2003adam4ClarkfieldLost In the White House
10th Apr 2003Patrick2ClarkfieldSpooky Anamails Tales
10th Apr 2003Megan3ClarkfieldCamping in the Woods
10th Apr 2003Nikkie3ClarkfieldGoing to the Desert
10th Apr 2003Desiree3ClarkfieldThe Triplets
10th Apr 2003Kate3ClarkfieldThe Time Machine
10th Apr 2003Nicole3ClarkfieldDigging for Bones Part 1
10th Apr 2003Bri3Sup town of AnGeLsA Night to Remeber!
10th Apr 2003Nicole4ClarkfieldDigging for Bones Part2
10th Apr 2003Andrew2ClarkfieldThe Three Kids Who Met Three Knights
10th Apr 2003Amy3ClarkfieldMorgan and Her Lost Powers
10th Apr 2003Emma4ClarkfieldLost Dog Hotel
10th Apr 2003Bri3Sup town of AnGeLsNight to remember Part 2!
10th Apr 2003Jodi1Cloud 9!To Editor
10th Apr 2003Bri1HelloTo Jodie
10th Apr 2003Bri1HelloHere you go Jodie 1-5!
10th Apr 2003Wei Boon3Serangoon NorthSpiderman Saves The Day Part 2
10th Apr 2003Legolas4PhoenixTouching Merigolds Chpter 1 part 2
11th Apr 2003Nicki 925?Larissa
11th Apr 2003Bri3Hello*Picking Flowers*
11th Apr 2003Bri3Hello*Picking Flowers Part 2*
11th Apr 2003Sarah3ClarkfieldFashion Place
11th Apr 2003Dorothy Dennis2ClarkfieldDarnit
11th Apr 2003Patrick3ClarkfieldA Spooky Animal Tale
11th Apr 2003Cody3ClarkfieldLost in Antartica
12th Apr 2003Jodi1Happy townThanks Bri
12th Apr 2003Bri1HelloTo Jodi
13th Apr 2003Erin4OttawaDanny Meets the Boy Who Lived Part 2
13th Apr 2003*^^^^^^Kajori^^^^^^*2TorontoJackie and the Tasty Cookie (Part1) (boo
14th Apr 2003*~^*~^Bri~*^*~^2Hello Jackson*~The Little Easter Bunny~*
14th Apr 2003^~*^*~Bri~*^*~^4Jackson UN*~Counting......
14th Apr 2003Erin (again)4OttawaDumbledore's Granddaughter Part 1
14th Apr 2003^-^Bri^-^2JacksonThe New Neighbors!
15th Apr 2003Lucy4NorthamptonThe Silk Stone(Chapter 29)
15th Apr 2003Lucy5NorthamptonThe Silk Stone(Chapter 30)Les Finale
15th Apr 2003Leena4MinniappolisWhat Would YOU Do About It???