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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
10th Mar 2003Linda3dallasCOTINUE OF JENNIFERS TALES PART 14
10th Mar 2003Soo Kyung3NorwoodIntersonzon #10( Journal of Lee present
11th Mar 2003Bri3jAckson IronmenCrying a River part 4 !
11th Mar 2003Rebellion5Blank Field (not theColours of Sorrow - Chapter One: ~Red Ro
12th Mar 2003B*r*I3JACKSON IRONMEN7th Heaven leaves for Vaction Part 6!
12th Mar 2003Sofia3QuitoA Day at School
12th Mar 2003Norman3QuitoThe Rich Prince
12th Mar 2003Caelyn4KilleenCrazy School days Part 1
13th Mar 2003Ezra1detriotFootball
13th Mar 2003jasmine3detroitmy favorite tv show
13th Mar 2003shana3detoritMy faviort band
13th Mar 2003BMW1GhettolandQuietville Bougerman Pt. 2
13th Mar 2003Danielle3DetroitMy favorite Band
13th Mar 2003Elaine4TorontoTrue Magic
13th Mar 2003Agumon2DigiWorldSako's Adventure With Digimon 1
16th Mar 2003Nicole5HamptonThe TSrongest man in the world
16th Mar 2003Nicole4HamptonDiary life part 1
17th Mar 2003Bri3Jackson IronmenCrying a river Part 5!
17th Mar 2003Anna4EdinburghMoira's adventure 1
17th Mar 2003Haley4NorfolkIt's a Pokémon World! Chapter 1
17th Mar 2003Kylie3Beaver PAAll James
18th Mar 2003Bri2Jackson IronmenCrying a River Part 6!
20th Mar 2003Matt.Se2BurlingtonCamp Colby
20th Mar 2003Bri2Jackson IronmenThe New Adventures Of Ty and Friskers Pa
20th Mar 2003HeartBreaker3B.I. TownB.I. Inc. (Info)
20th Mar 2003hunter4OklahomaThe adventures of Hailey, The genie and
20th Mar 2003* Bri *3HiThe New Adventures Of Ty And Friskers Pa
20th Mar 2003Enya3ontarioLong life potion
21st Mar 2003* Bri *3God Bless AmericaThe New adVentures Of ty and Friskers Pa
21st Mar 2003* Bri *3JacksonCrying a River Part 7!
21st Mar 2003* bri *2JacksonCrying a River Part 8!
21st Mar 2003Bri4JacksonCrying a River Part 9 !
21st Mar 2003Bri3JacksonThe New Adventures of TY and Friskers Pa
21st Mar 2003Bri2JacksonCrying a River Part 10!
21st Mar 2003Bri3JacksonCrying a River Pat 12!
21st Mar 2003Cang-leigh3confidentialChineses Shadows
21st Mar 2003* Bri *2HelloCrying a river Part 13!
22nd Mar 2003Sarah4Ossining The Witches Tricks (Chapter 1)
22nd Mar 2003jessica3perththe first day of year five
23rd Mar 2003Sudeep4BramptonWe want no war in the Middle East
23rd Mar 2003Naomi3Boston/Lincolnshirea lesson not learned
23rd Mar 2003Kajori1OntarioA note to readers
24th Mar 2003Bri3Hellothe New Adeventures Of Ty And Friskers.
24th Mar 2003Bri3HelloCrying A river Part 13!
24th Mar 2003Bri3HelloCrying A river Part 14
24th Mar 2003Bri3Hellothe Adeventure Of Ty and Friskers Part
24th Mar 2003Bri3HelloCrying A river Part 15
24th Mar 2003Bri3HelloCrying A river Part 16!
24th Mar 2003Bri3HelloCrying A river Part 17!