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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Great Stories About Anything

So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
22nd Feb 2003Allie4ColchesterFamous!
22nd Feb 2003Jasmine3A Small TownMy Fun Summer Adventure Vol 1
22nd Feb 2003Jasmine4A Small TownMy Fun Summer Adventure Vol 2
22nd Feb 2003Jasmine3A Small TownMy Fun Summer Adventure Vol 3
22nd Feb 2003Nicki5?The Girl Who Walked Alone-- part one
23rd Feb 2003Nikki2BrisbaneThe tough life of acting!Part 15
23rd Feb 2003Jordan3Prophetstown Ill The creation of the lands of Selarin.
25th Feb 2003Brittaney Buttler (B1Ohio RoxMolly and the twin Towers.
25th Feb 2003Nicky5?The Girl Who Walked Alone-- Part 1
26th Feb 2003tyler1Laportthe hanted house
26th Feb 2003Ashley Reister1La porteMy sister and Andy Me and my cat Gorgoe
26th Feb 2003B.J.1New MexicoAbout my new toy.
26th Feb 2003Bruce2LaporteFoot ball pass
26th Feb 2003Rikki1afiricamy book about animals
26th Feb 2003Asha'3LaporteMartin Luther King J.R.
26th Feb 2003Brooke2La PorteDiseny World
26th Feb 2003andrew1palit townash wants a pokemon.
26th Feb 2003chad2houstonthe man eating house !
26th Feb 2003stormy2San AntonioJosph and the yellow fox
26th Feb 2003Brittaney Buttler2Ohio BabeMe and My Boyfriend
26th Feb 2003Legolas5PhoenixTouching Merygolds Chapter 1 Part 1
27th Feb 2003Aaron, Anna And Beth5EdinburghNew Adventures Up The Faraway Tree
27th Feb 2003Dreamer3Blackpoolyou can't have everything!
27th Feb 2003Maths Person2EdinburghMaths Rules, You Know
27th Feb 2003Elizabeth3FreeWishing Well
28th Feb 2003Obscured5?Grandmother's song
28th Feb 2003~*cookie*~1tampaHELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Feb 2003Clarabelle5OhioThrough The Lion's Eye Ch 1
28th Feb 2003khaila1st MarysMy worst picnic ever
1st Mar 2003Gemma4OhioWishes Come True Ch 1: Through The Air
1st Mar 2003Gerry2OhioPikachu And Me #1
1st Mar 2003Gemma4OhioWishes Come True Ch 2: Flying To School
1st Mar 2003Penelope2Ummm... I Forgot!Fashion Arguing!
1st Mar 2003Dowron4MississaugaBarn Friends
2nd Mar 2003Amy3SlatingtonI Notice It Now.......
3rd Mar 2003* BrI *2UnknownTy's Big Adventures!
3rd Mar 2003* _ Bri _ *2Unknown PleaseTY BIG ADVENTURES
4th Mar 2003Nikki2MiamiFriends 4ever! 1
4th Mar 2003Bri2Unknow-PrivateStory About Anything...
5th Mar 2003Bri3PrivateA Story Part 2
5th Mar 2003Bri2UnknownBoys & Girls
5th Mar 2003Naomi3MiamiFriends 4ever! 2
5th Mar 2003Blake3Plainfield ILBlake's Pokemon Adventure 1
5th Mar 2003*~Bri~*3UnknownCrying rivers
5th Mar 2003Anna4EdinburghOver the Rainbow... Chapter 1
5th Mar 2003* bri*1UnknownTo Anna
5th Mar 2003Bri2UnknownLizzie Meets 7th Heaven part 2
5th Mar 2003Eilyn1Quito, EcuadorA little haunted house
5th Mar 2003Scott1Quitothe wortefit
5th Mar 2003Bri2Green GrassThe Girl and the Dolphin