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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
12th Jan 2003Anna3EdinburghSnowbound Chapter 2>>>...
12th Jan 2003Lee4BrisbaneSnowbound!Chapter 3>>>...
12th Jan 2003Anna5EdinburghSnowbound Chapter 4>>>...
14th Jan 2003Amanda2Gold CoastWho is she? chapter.14
15th Jan 2003Charlotte2WirralYou can't have everything!
15th Jan 2003Shawn4EdinburghSnowbound!Chapter 5>>>...
15th Jan 2003Katelynn5HollandCinderella: The Real Version pt 1.
15th Jan 2003Katelynn5HollandCinderella: The Real Version pt.2
15th Jan 2003Nikki2BrisbaneExodus chapter 26!
15th Jan 2003Jo5SydneyPrologue
15th Jan 2003Jo5SydneyPrologue (part 2)
16th Jan 2003Alicia4LiverpoolExodus! Chapter 27!!!>>>...
16th Jan 2003Anna4EdinburghSnowbound Chapter 6>>>...
16th Jan 2003Nikki4BrisbaneExodus chapter 28!
17th Jan 2003Shawn5EdinburghSnowbound!Chapter 7>>>...
17th Jan 2003Anna4EdinburghSnowbound Chapter 8>>>...
17th Jan 2003Kayleigh Alston and 3BlackburnSmelly Kelly
17th Jan 2003Kayleigh and Keeley 3BlackburnJake who tried to Bake
18th Jan 2003Kristian2St. PaulMr. Wizard and His Magic Wand
18th Jan 2003kayleigh alston2blackburnwinnie the pooh
18th Jan 2003kayleigh alston3bDoctor, Doctor
19th Jan 2003Horses rule1fjufcTo everone who loves horses
19th Jan 2003Nikki3BrisbaneThe tough life of acting!Part 11!
20th Jan 2003Amanda3Gold CoastWho is she?chapter.15
21st Jan 2003Leanne and Fran!5BlackburnThe box
21st Jan 2003hannah2normantonthe school the school trip
21st Jan 2003Matt2KingsfordWhat the Heck did I do? You know
21st Jan 2003Amanda4Gold CoastWho is she?chapter.16
22nd Jan 2003Amanda4Gold CoastWho is she? chapter.17!
22nd Jan 2003Nikki3BrisbaneThe tough life of acting!Part 12!
23rd Jan 2003Cindy3LondonDear Diary
24th Jan 2003Ainsley3MonctonMy Egyptian Adventure
24th Jan 2003*Alicia*4*Liverpool**Exodus, chapter 29>>>...* PART I
24th Jan 2003*Alicia*3*Liverpool**Exodus, chapter 29!!!>>>* PART II
24th Jan 2003Bri3RockfordThe Old School Days
26th Jan 2003Breanna4EdmontonVirtual Reality Rainforest Adventure PAR
26th Jan 2003Breanna4EdmontonVirtual Reality Rainforest Adventure PAR
26th Jan 2003Emily2kingslynnthe moors
27th Jan 2003Amanda4Gold CoastWho is she?Chapter.18
28th Jan 2003Nikki4BrisbaneExodus chapter 30!
29th Jan 2003Yamuki3???Hero. Chapter 1
30th Jan 2003Kaylee5ColumbiaUnderstanding Meme
1st Feb 2003joany2VancouverSpiders!!!!
2nd Feb 2003Charlotte4EnglandDreams
2nd Feb 2003Charlotte4EnglandDreams (re-written)
3rd Feb 2003Brittaney Kulps1OtownConcerts
3rd Feb 2003William5MobileEveryday Super Heroes, Episode 1, Introd
4th Feb 2003Jounouchi2TokyoYu-Gi-Oh! Jounouchi VS Anzu ( Ep.1)
5th Feb 2003Anna3Hammersmith and FulaKilburn High Road
6th Feb 2003michael3michaeltownWater conducts electricity DUHHHHHHH!