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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
31st Dec 2002Lucy5NorthamptonWarrior-Prologue
31st Dec 2002Superwriter5SomewhereWreathed Flowers - Prologue III: Part On
31st Dec 2002Superwriter5SomewhereWreathed Flowers - Prologue III: Part Tw
31st Dec 2002Amanda4Gold CoastWho is she? chapter.8
31st Dec 2002Angela4MandurahThe prologue
1st Jan 2003KaylaV.3AndersonMike Zike
1st Jan 2003Anony4?????????? (?s spellChapter 1: The Entrance
2nd Jan 2003Lucy4NorthamptonWarrior-Chapter 1
3rd Jan 2003Lucy3NorthamptonWarrior-Chapter 2
3rd Jan 2003Lucy4NorthamptonWarrior-Chapter 3
3rd Jan 2003Laura Pry3HanauMy Little Chicken
3rd Jan 2003paul,john,gorge,ring1beatles landThe Beatles
3rd Jan 2003Nikki4BrisbaneThe tough life of acting!Part 7
3rd Jan 2003Nikki4BrisbaneThe tough llife of acting part 8
4th Jan 2003Charlotte2EnglandPeace at last
4th Jan 2003Katelyn4AmarilloBelieve Me !!!!!!!
4th Jan 2003Vicky4ChathamDowntown#1
4th Jan 2003Vicky4ChathamDowntown#2
4th Jan 2003Vicky5ChathamDowntown#3
4th Jan 2003Vicky3ChathamDowntown#end
4th Jan 2003Charlotte4EnglandUnderwater #1
4th Jan 2003kim4blackpoolMasked Mystery
4th Jan 2003Angela5Mandurahprologue part 2
5th Jan 2003Lucy4NorthamptonWarrior-Chapter 4
5th Jan 2003Shadowlurker5N/AGreat Golden Hair: Chapter One
5th Jan 2003Nikki3BrisbaneExodus chapter 24!
5th Jan 2003Angela4Mandurahprologue part3
5th Jan 2003Amanda4Gold CoastWho is she? Chapter.9
5th Jan 2003Amanda3Gold CoastWho is she? Chapter.10
6th Jan 2003Alicia (Scarlett)3ManchesterExodus! Chapter 25>>>...
6th Jan 2003Alice4Some PlaceLauren's Gone! Chapter One
6th Jan 2003Charlotte4WirralThe Secret Quest
6th Jan 2003Nikki3BrisbaneExodus chapter 26!
6th Jan 2003Jodie4BlackpoolCara's War
7th Jan 2003Charlotte4WirralThe Secret Quest # 2
7th Jan 2003Amanda3Gold CoastWho is she? Chapter.11
8th Jan 2003Jodie3BlackpoolCara's War Part 2
8th Jan 2003Anna4EdinburghKlauna 1:The Super Ring.Chapter 1:The Se
8th Jan 2003Anna4EdinburghKlauna 1:T.S.R.Chapter 2:Reekouw Island
8th Jan 2003Nikki3BrisbaneThe tough life of acting!Part 9
8th Jan 2003Amanda3GoldWho is she?chapter.12
9th Jan 2003Shyteria, G.2MemphisBeing a Good Citizen
9th Jan 2003Amanda3Gold CoastWho is she? Chapter.13
9th Jan 2003Angela5Mandurahprologue part 4
10th Jan 2003Jodie4BlackpoolCara'a war part 3
10th Jan 2003Alicia4LiverpoolExodus! Chapter25>>>... PART I
10th Jan 2003Alicia4LiverpoolExodus, chapter 25... PART II
10th Jan 2003Peewee4SydneyRover The Dog.Chapter 1.
11th Jan 2003Nikki2BrisbaneThe tough life of acting!Part 10
11th Jan 2003Lee4BrisbaneSnowbound!Chapter 1>>>...