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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Great Stories About Anything

So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
20th Oct 2002Scarlett4San FranExodus... Chapter 13>>>...
20th Oct 2002Nikki3BrisbaneExodus chapter 14!
21st Oct 2002Amanda4Gold CoastYour Not Alone. Chapter.1
21st Oct 2002Amanda4Gold CoastYour Not Alone.Chapter.2
21st Oct 2002Amanda4Gold CoastYour Not Alone.Chapter.3
21st Oct 2002Amanda4Gold CoastYour Not Alone.Chapter.4
22nd Oct 2002Inge1ashton valedo you beleive in..................?
22nd Oct 2002Courtney5BaltimoreA tale of an underworld
22nd Oct 2002Courtney5BaltimoreA tale of the Under world part 2
23rd Oct 2002Lauren5NorthamptonBest of friends... Chapter 4.
23rd Oct 2002Salene2cabotmy teacher just said.....
26th Oct 2002Abi3BrightonA Farway Land part 1
26th Oct 2002Abi5BrightonA Faraway Land part 2 (Flight of the Uni
26th Oct 2002Rosa5SalfordThe evening of the sunset dance!
27th Oct 2002Abi4BrightonThe Intergalactic Hop
29th Oct 2002Kendra3NashvilleHottest Hip-Hop Concerts
29th Oct 2002laura3sydneyWall of fire part 1the crazed maniac who
30th Oct 2002patricia3unicoiThe Haunted Castle
30th Oct 2002Dreamer4BlackpoolThe Dismal Darcey's
31st Oct 2002Abby3ErwinGeorge and the Spooky Grave Yard
1st Nov 2002maria2houstonThe bad kid
3rd Nov 2002Tyler3Washington, DCThe Country Mouse
3rd Nov 2002Emily3ChesterfieldI Have The Best Job On Earth!
4th Nov 2002Dreamer4BlackpoolThe Dismal Darcey's part too (not chapte
4th Nov 2002Emily3TraleeMy first day at school
5th Nov 2002Scarlett4San FranExodus... chapter 15!>>>...
5th Nov 2002Nancy Chen3San Francisco,CalifoThe Girl Who Was Scare Of Things
6th Nov 2002Lauren5NorthamptonBest of friends... Chapter 5.
9th Nov 2002Dreamer1BlackpoolThomas Reeves: unwanted
9th Nov 2002Dreamer5BlackpoolThomas Reeves: unwanted part two
10th Nov 2002Katrina4FrankfurtThe Versamal Chaptor One: The Encoun
11th Nov 2002Mia2Palm CoastBeth and the Giant
12th Nov 2002Lisa3CiningbroughThe Dangerous Dino (Part 1)
13th Nov 2002Soo Kyung2NorwoodInterson Zone
13th Nov 2002Danielle1UnicoiMy Cousin Briteny
14th Nov 2002Grace2MephisGreat Story About Any Thing
15th Nov 2002Kat5New YorkMeera: Cloud Racer ~Part1
15th Nov 2002Kat5New YorkMeera: Cloud Flyer~Part 2
15th Nov 2002Jessica5Sailsbury S.AThe life of jessica martin
16th Nov 2002Kat5New YorkMeera: Cloud Racer~Part 3
16th Nov 2002Nikki4BrisbaneExodus,chapter 16
17th Nov 2002Charlotte4EnglandWhy me? ~the story so far~ (thinking of
17th Nov 2002Scarlett & Elli5San FranExodus..Chapter17!>>>...
18th Nov 2002Charlotte3England'^~*Marshmallows, magic and a girl calle
18th Nov 2002Charlotte4EnglandThe Gargoyles
19th Nov 2002Karnisha Finnie3Memphis I'm drug free and proud to be.
19th Nov 2002Paul3MAThe Evil Thing part 1
19th Nov 2002Nikki3BrisbaneExodus!chapter 18!
20th Nov 2002Willz P.3SparksMy Friend Elf
20th Nov 2002Nikki4BrisbaneThe tough life of acting!