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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
13th May 2002Jonathan5BolingbrookTiki Island, Chapter 2
13th May 2002Jonathan5BolingbrookTiki Island, Chapter 3
13th May 2002Jonathan5BolingbrookDummies, Chapter 2
14th May 2002Lucy4NorthamptonEyes(chapter one)
14th May 2002Jonathan5BolingbrookTiki Island, Chapter 4
14th May 2002Laci4SunnytownThe Secret Mystery *Chapter One**Part Th
14th May 2002Laci4SunnytownThe Secret Mystery *Chapter One**Part Fo
14th May 2002Laci5SunnytownThe Secret Mystery *Chapter Two**Part On
15th May 2002Megan5New BerlinFor True Love
15th May 2002Megan3New BerlinFor True Love: Part two (final part)
15th May 2002Jonathan5Bolingbrook, ILTiki Island, Chapter 5
15th May 2002Nikki5BrisbaneThe calculator
15th May 2002Hannah3SethHow Penguins Got Therir Spots
15th May 2002Joshua Pitt3Seth, WVWhy Dogs Chase Cats
15th May 2002Sabrina3SethHow a Platypus Came to be
15th May 2002Heather4SethHow the Rainbow got Its Color
15th May 2002Perry3SethHow The Oceans Were Made
15th May 2002Samantha3SethWhy Penguins Are Black And White
15th May 2002Sunceri4SethHow the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck
15th May 2002Joey3PeytonaWhy Cats Chase Mice
15th May 2002Mary3WhitesvilleThe Great Battle
15th May 2002Brittany4SethHow the Zebra Got His Stripes
15th May 2002Trevor3SethHow the Camel got it's Hump.
15th May 2002Ashley3Seth*Why and How the Rainbow Appered*
15th May 2002Brandon4SethHow The Rattlesnake got Its Rattle
16th May 2002cheese2virginiachicken
16th May 2002Rodsheka1MeherrinThis Girl
17th May 2002Leanne1OhioMegan-For True Love
17th May 2002Jonathan5Bolingbrook, ILTiki Island, Chapter 6
18th May 2002Lucy4NorthamptonEyes(chapter two)
18th May 2002Lucy3NorthamptonMegan(for true Love)
18th May 2002Jonathan5Bolingbrook,ILTiki Island, Chapter 7
19th May 2002chris1manahawkinthe fib game
20th May 2002Anon1anonTo Lucy
21st May 2002Lucy3NorthamptonTo Anon
21st May 2002A'sia1Greene drive 2002 stwhat most boys want
21st May 2002A'sia2LIL WEEZIE (LIL WAYNE)
22nd May 2002Lucy5NorthamptonQuick 'n' Easy(chapter one)
22nd May 2002Lucy3NorthamptonEyes(chapter 3)
22nd May 2002Jonathan5Bolingbrook, ILTiki Island, Chapter 8
22nd May 2002Jonathan5Bolingbrook, ILTiki Island, Chapter 9
22nd May 2002Sara5sethHow The Wolf got its howl
22nd May 2002Tonia3SethWhy We're Afraid of Thunder
22nd May 2002COREY4perthdegrassi -episode 1
22nd May 2002Jason3SethHow the Camel Got its Hump
22nd May 2002Hope3SethHow The Frog Got It's Hop.
23rd May 2002Superstar2The BuckStar Of The Ghetto