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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
13th Apr 2002Joe2MerrillvillePrincipal
13th Apr 2002Kristin4PlainfieldClub,Chapter 1- The Starting Of The Club
13th Apr 2002Kristin4PlainfieldClub,Chapter 2- Best or Worst?Choose....
13th Apr 2002Kristin3PlainfieldClub,Chapter 3- April Fools!
14th Apr 2002Kristin4PlainfieldClub,Chapter 4- Where Are You Erin?
14th Apr 2002ALisha4ChickashaOperation Kyle is mine
14th Apr 2002Kristin4PlainfieldClub,Chapter 5- Surprise or Plan?Guess..
14th Apr 2002Kristin4PlainfieldClub, Chapter 6- A Surprise
14th Apr 2002Kristin4PlainfieldClub, Chapter 7-
14th Apr 2002Rosalynn4Anoymous(not tellingThe Day that the Potters Died.
14th Apr 2002Steve5DurhamThe powers that be chapter 2 part two
14th Apr 2002Steve5DurhamThe powers that be chapter two part thre
14th Apr 2002steve5DurhamThe powers that be chapter two part four
15th Apr 2002Kristin4PlainfieldClub, Chapter 8- What's It Going To Be?
15th Apr 2002Ali3chickashaOperation Kyle is mine Pt. 2
15th Apr 2002anoymous3anoymousThe Twins.(brief description.)
15th Apr 2002Ali4ChickashaOperation Kyle is Mine Pt. 3
16th Apr 2002J.C.5DetroitJamalen Nijak and the School of Edbydesi
16th Apr 2002Andrew3BurlingtonMy day at the skate park.
16th Apr 2002Joshu2TokyoGodzilla vs. Mysterious sea dragon horse
16th Apr 2002Ali3chickashaOperation kyle is mine Pt.3
16th Apr 2002Alexander2StavangerAlexander's box
16th Apr 2002Tooba Ehtesham1KarachiNAUGHTY PARENTS
17th Apr 2002Jessica3DoncasterDreaming
17th Apr 2002Kristoffer5StavangerThe Frog and the Hog
17th Apr 2002Arild,Anita og Krist2StavangerThe Lord of the Neckless
18th Apr 2002Julia1WoodstockThe Mystery kid
18th Apr 2002Angela3MerrillvlleIf I was principal
18th Apr 2002sarah3merrillvillePrincpal
18th Apr 2002courtney2MerrillvilleIf I Were Principal...
18th Apr 2002Danielle2MerrillvillePrincipal
18th Apr 2002Vanessa3MerrillvillePrincipal
18th Apr 2002Christopher A. Becer2MerrillvilleIf I were a principal
18th Apr 2002Joseph2Merrillville If I Was a Pi
18th Apr 2002Lakendra3BennetsvilleThe Day I Was Chased By Spike
18th Apr 2002anonmous2anonmouseA kids wish!
19th Apr 2002Lucy4NorthamptonTi8a and her friends and the mission(cha
19th Apr 2002J.C.5DetroitJamalen Nijak and the School of Edbydesi
19th Apr 2002chris2plainfieldThe Boy in the Lunch Room
19th Apr 2002Kristin3PlainfieldEveryone
20th Apr 2002Julia3WoodstockThe Mystery kid 2
21st Apr 2002Christina5Millville, N.JYou Shouldn't Have To Say Goob-bye -chap
21st Apr 2002Kristin4PlainfieldClub, Chapter 10- Putting Everyone In Gr
21st Apr 2002Christina4Millville, N.JThe continuation of chapter one
22nd Apr 2002DIANA2San DeigoDinosors on Land.
22nd Apr 2002Kristin3PlainfieldClub, Chapter 11- Special Pet Members
22nd Apr 2002Kristin3PlainfieldClub, Chapter 12- Plan Time!
23rd Apr 2002Shayne3SydneyEverywhere
24th Apr 2002Kristin3PlainfieldClub, Chapter 13- The Decision is Over a