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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
4th Sep 1998Shawn Wu5Freehold, NJThe Doll With Only One Eye
5th Sep 1998Julia2Harrisburg, Pa.My Sister
5th Sep 1998Nathan3BinbrookWhen em I going To see Lava
8th Sep 1998Shahbaaz singh virk3DelhiMy room.
9th Sep 1998Jabin john bastian2AlbanyHolidays
13th Sep 1998Krista3South bendBig Bear
14th Sep 1998Benjamin3ColumbusMy School
17th Sep 1998Mike Fann5Grant Al.The TaleOf The Rabbit That Did Not Know
20th Sep 1998D.J.5SallisawThree Little Astronauts
23rd Sep 1998warrick2perththe crocodile
25th Sep 1998Alexa2PoolesvilleCaterpiller
26th Sep 1998Sundeep rai1winnipegDragon ball z
30th Sep 1998shellie soileau5palmettoandrew the alligator
2nd Oct 1998Adam "Vak Attak"5WhitehallThe Dare
3rd Oct 1998Freddy Nguyen5PickeringFishy's Life
3rd Oct 1998Austin2San Pierre, INThe Jumpy Alien
4th Oct 1998Shannan Stephanoff2ChillicotheMy room
6th Oct 1998candice4IS HE REALLY DEAD
8th Oct 1998Susie5SanteeThe greedy little turtle.
12th Oct 1998Jessica Spurlin5ShawneeA Day in the Wilderness
14th Oct 1998JIMMY3Sierpinski learns to count
15th Oct 1998Allie3StillwaterThe Boy
17th Oct 1998Matthew3WhitbyThe School Ghost
19th Oct 1998Kim Usher3CoarsegoldJourney to Hollyweird
21st Oct 1998Jessica,Rouleau3Swift Current,SaskatThe Pilgrims
24th Oct 1998Edwin alejandre4Burbank cityThe boy that wanted a dog
25th Oct 1998Art vandalay3Rio ranchoPizza confusion
30th Oct 1998Dominic Golden3HiedelbergThe turtle and the frog!
3rd Nov 1998johnathan5dudleyThe Magic School Bus
7th Nov 1998Gabrielle5Baltimore, md.Forever Friends
7th Nov 1998Kellie3WacoKelsi's New Horse
7th Nov 1998Kiersten2PalmdaleAbout My Teacher
8th Nov 1998Kelsey3CaseyPrincess and the Hamster
8th Nov 1998Shelby2PalmdaleAbout Mrs. Rawson
8th Nov 1998Kalpana3NorristownWhat I do on fridays
8th Nov 1998Alec Lorraine3Blue BellArthur Accused - a Book Review
8th Nov 1998ANDI3cranbrookthe old man
8th Nov 1998christina2rio ranchothe ghost
8th Nov 1998Andrew5Blue BellReal For One Night
9th Nov 1998Jessica Sheppard5Coley's Point, NewfoPhilosophy
9th Nov 1998Jack5MississaugaThe Skeletel System
10th Nov 1998Ryan Eiem.-Shaquayla3Baton RougeGrowiing Trees
11th Nov 1998Timothy Rasiah2KnoxfieldTEDDY GOES FOR A WALK
12th Nov 1998Kristy Fee2Swift Current, SaskaFun at Grandma's
15th Nov 1998Hollie3ThornhillHollie's story
16th Nov 1998Samantha .C.5St. John'sSamantha and Smokey's Adventure
17th Nov 1998Sunshine3HonoluluAnimals at a Birthday Party
18th Nov 1998Matt5St. LouisA Speck of Nothingness
20th Nov 1998Anndria Nelson5HarveyOne Bad Week
23rd Nov 1998Ana Marcela2ManaguaMy Fat and ugly pig!