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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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So many things to write about - so little time. Let your imagination run wild and share your story with other kids from all over the world.

Date Author * Town Title
8th Feb 2002Aututmen s. Forlenza3west palm beachthe pig and the hog
8th Feb 2002Nelson J.4West Palm BeachThe T Rex and the Fireman
9th Feb 2002billy3fredrick townshadow lord
10th Feb 2002Lucy5NorthamptonRi- Freedom Fighter
12th Feb 2002ricky3Greenvillesreck
13th Feb 2002Karley5HannibalRainforest Race
13th Feb 2002Autumn S. Forlenza4boyonton beachSally and the pony
14th Feb 2002mikey2greenvillemy brother
17th Feb 2002Johnna5CharlestonPrincess Kida
18th Feb 2002Lucy4NorthamptonRi - Freedom Fighter (Part four)
18th Feb 2002coolcat4etobicokeThe dream boat
20th Feb 2002Laci3Destrehan.DURING THE WEEK
20th Feb 2002MORGAN3DestrehanHoliday Fun
20th Feb 2002Alex2DestrehanWhen I was a baby
21st Feb 2002KAITLYN3Destrehan La.Nanny's wedding
21st Feb 2002Shyanne2Destrehan laGoing TO The movies
21st Feb 2002Amanda3Gold CoastBoys&Girls
22nd Feb 2002TYLAN2DestrehanThe Wedding Story
22nd Feb 2002Jessica2Destrehan LAMy Friend
22nd Feb 2002Brandon2Destrehan LA.The Mall
22nd Feb 2002Kelsey3Destrehan LA.The Movie
22nd Feb 2002Amanda&Nikki3Gold CoastChicklet
23rd Feb 2002Brooke3NewcastleThe Magic of a Ninchut
23rd Feb 2002rita2nothe brat who saved my life.
25th Feb 2002Therese3BallinaSpring the season of new life???
25th Feb 2002*Nikki*&*Amanda*4*Brisbane*Chicklet! part *2*
26th Feb 2002Lucy4NorthamptonSpirits of the Elements(chapter one)
27th Feb 2002*Amanda&Nikki*3Gold Coast~Chicklet part.3~
27th Feb 2002><><Nikki<>&<>Amanda3Brisbane~***Chicklet***~***Part***4***~
28th Feb 2002heather4 china the test name
1st Mar 2002Therese5BallinaThe Feis
1st Mar 2002Therese3Ballinasizzle sizzle SPLAT!!!!!!
2nd Mar 2002angela5gold coastThe Boy That Dreamed: Part 1
3rd Mar 2002Lucy3NorthamptonAn Introduction to my new story- Flame a
3rd Mar 2002Charlotte3LydiateThe girl who lived .......
3rd Mar 2002Dayna5DallasThe Bad Decision
4th Mar 2002Christina4AbileneThe Sacred Trap (chapter one)
4th Mar 2002Christina3AbileneThe Sacred Trap (chapter two)
6th Mar 2002Doug (las)3BloomingtonThe Dragons Part 1: Pyrus
7th Mar 2002Micaela3SacramentoSaddle Adventures
7th Mar 2002Dayna3DallasWicked Mrs. Stinch *chapter two*
8th Mar 2002Cassedy4AtlantaDreams Come True
9th Mar 2002Amanda&Nikki3Gold Coast~Chicklet part.5~
11th Mar 2002Dayna3DallasThe Bride
11th Mar 2002Sarah4KennerChapter 1 (pg1) (Dead ove Party)
11th Mar 2002><>Nikki<>&<><Amanda3Brisbane~***Chiclet***~part***~6***~
12th Mar 2002Laura2Port OrchardAaaahhh! Eating my Crackers!(With Cheese
12th Mar 2002Amanda4Gold Coast~Prisoner part.1~
14th Mar 2002Jessica3Sheboygan FallsRapunzel:The Truth Comes Out