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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
29th Dec 2001Fran3melborn5
31st Dec 2001gretchen5McgregorThe Big Adventure - Chapter One
31st Dec 2001Dustan Copeland2Aiken,South CarolinaIf They Only Knew:Chapter 3
1st Jan 2002Dustan Copeland2Aiken,South CarolinaIf They Only Knew:Chapter 4
2nd Jan 2002Kayla4Enderbya mystery chapter 1
4th Jan 2002Lucy4NorthamptonRi - Freedom Fighter(part one)
6th Jan 2002Lucy4NorthamptonRi - Freedom Fighter(part two)
9th Jan 2002Victoria5MemphisAs I Walked Into the Cave
10th Jan 2002Robyn3Chippewa FallsMy Christmas Vacation
13th Jan 2002Gretchen5McgregorThe Big Adventure - Chapter Two
14th Jan 2002Gretchen4McGregorThe Big Adventure - Chapter Three
15th Jan 2002meggan3Laurel hillThe scary teacher
15th Jan 2002chelsie3Laurel HillThe Great Herican.
15th Jan 2002matthew2Laurel HillThe cookout
15th Jan 2002Taylor3Laurel Hill The Big Snow
15th Jan 2002Amanda3Gold CoastWedding days!part.1
16th Jan 2002heather3laurel Hillhow to play operation
16th Jan 2002Courtney3Laurel HillA Trip AroudThe World
16th Jan 2002heather2new jesreyharry's trap
16th Jan 2002Amanda3Gold CoastWedding days! part.2
18th Jan 2002Tessa3MiamiThe Idiotic Vampire
20th Jan 2002Tessa3MiamiSnow
22nd Jan 2002Donald4Lake ViewEveryone plays a role...
23rd Jan 2002Alison5AllentownThe Tabby
23rd Jan 2002Kearston3MemphisThe Day With My Father
26th Jan 2002Tessa4MiamiThe Dragon Candy Party
26th Jan 2002Tessa4MiamiThe Dragon Candy Party (Volume 2)
26th Jan 2002Nina4AucklandThe Flying Mail.
27th Jan 2002heather collier2easternthe stone
27th Jan 2002Emma4DevonSweet tooth island!
29th Jan 2002Lindsey5AtcoMiss Princessa
30th Jan 2002Lindsey3AtcoLife
31st Jan 2002Jasmin Scott3ChicagoJasmin's New Room
1st Feb 2002hina ali khan4karachia great wish
2nd Feb 2002mariah3magurite danielcristy the basketball player
2nd Feb 2002Claire4PerthHoly Moly Land
3rd Feb 2002Fatema1NewmarketBest Friends Forever!!
3rd Feb 2002Matthew3sidney,OhioDr.Duples Greatest Invention
4th Feb 2002Garrett3PortlandThe Lion and the Glasses
6th Feb 2002stephany2ketchumThe Bug eyed Monster
6th Feb 2002Amanda5MadisonvilleI'll Keep Your Secret Charlie, I Promise
6th Feb 2002d.j.2countryDragonballz:saiyans vs the world
6th Feb 2002Lauren3MuskogeeA long way from home
6th Feb 2002Elliott2ReddingKosmo Man
7th Feb 2002Amanda4MadisonvilleThe truth about Charlie's Secret - read
8th Feb 2002Angela2San FrancisoThumbina
8th Feb 2002Rebecca2San FrancisoThumbelina
8th Feb 2002Christina Ly2San FranciscoThumbelina
8th Feb 2002Mimi Ly2San franciscoMonkey king