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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
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Date Author * Town Title
26th Jul 2001Alessandra3quenstedtA Christmas gift
27th Jul 2001J.C Barson5SomwhereThe Oogleburger Part Six
28th Jul 2001Cody4MagnoliaThe Fantasy Island Part 1 of 5
29th Jul 2001Ricardo2somewherethe four nosed freak
30th Jul 2001Thomas5GainesvilleThe Day I Became a Hero!
30th Jul 2001Thomas5GainesvilleMy Talent
31st Jul 2001Pinky3HoeDream
3rd Aug 2001Sarah4tigardthe Quest of Camelot 2
6th Aug 2001T.R Sall5NowhereTerror Forest
7th Aug 2001Nikki4BrisbaneTonight Is The Night!
7th Aug 2001Chelsea4WarringtonMy Voice Talent !
9th Aug 2001J.C Barson5SomwhereThe Oogleburger Part Seven
9th Aug 2001kirby3ulverstoneCindellrela
14th Aug 2001Maxwell3TamworthSchool is Better Than No School
14th Aug 2001Zachary3PittsburghA Day In The Life Of The Harvest Moon
14th Aug 2001Lee & Zach3PittsburghA Harvest Moon Farmer
17th Aug 2001Palak5MumbaiA vizit to fairyland
17th Aug 2001Radmila5Brooklyn NYKaty and Her Best Friend
17th Aug 2001Elizabeth and Malia3Ft.DrumThe Dark
24th Aug 2001Kelsey Spence5AmesDays in Rain
27th Aug 2001Justin5DetroitThe Unknown
27th Aug 2001Justin5DetroitThe Unknown
8th Sep 2001Justin5DetroitThe Unknown Part Two
9th Sep 2001luigi2 Long beachThe Day
10th Sep 2001Firebird4ColumbusFirebird: The Freedom Trail
11th Sep 2001Amanda4Gold,coastBoarding School chapter.2
11th Sep 2001Amanda5Gold coastA little birdie told me so (Chapter.1)
12th Sep 2001Amanda5Gold coastAmerica under attack
16th Sep 2001J.C. Barson5SomwhereChikato Lee- Genisis One
16th Sep 2001Firebird4ColumbusAmerica, I Love You
18th Sep 2001vtk5MelbourneThe Ultimate Story - Chapter 11
21st Sep 2001Justin5DetroitAriel Meyers- Genesis Two
22nd Sep 2001Firebird5CoulubusFirebird: The Freedom Trail
25th Sep 2001Natalie5OakvilleSmiles
26th Sep 2001Amanda3Gold CoastIf i were....
27th Sep 2001Firebird5ColumbusFirebird: The Freedom Trail
28th Sep 2001Firebird5ColumbusFirebird: The Freedom Trail
29th Sep 2001Amanda5Gold CoastBoarding School chapter.3
29th Sep 2001Firebird5ColumbusFirebird: The Freedom Trail
1st Oct 2001Elizabeth2Ft.DrumMy Talent
1st Oct 2001Brooke4nowhereThe Ship reck part1 of 2
1st Oct 2001Raven4RichmondMaleeka Madision`s Diary.
1st Oct 2001Raven4RichmondMaleeka Madision`s Diary 2.
1st Oct 2001Heather5RichmondMonsters are Real
6th Oct 2001Rocio2The boy live with his mother
7th Oct 2001Justin3DetroitSuperhero!
11th Oct 2001Zachary Mydlowski3pittsburghA Day In The Life Of The Harvest Moon
12th Oct 2001Monica2CorinthThe Night Before Halloween
13th Oct 2001Jacob4WichitaThe Legend of Deadman