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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Invisibility Cloak

What would you do if you had an invisibility cloak like Harry's? Where would you go and why?

Date Author * Town Title
15th Jul 2001Jonathon4CAMy invisibility cloak
15th Jul 2001Catherine5MeltonThe Invisibility Cloak
25th Jul 2001Nikki5BrisbaneOh No!
1st Oct 2001Amy3BrisbaneI'm invisabibable
13th Oct 2001David3BrasovCloak cool
26th Oct 2001Evan3BloomingtonMy Invisibility Cloak
29th Oct 2001Dalia3New RochelleIf I Had an Invisibility Cloak
11th Nov 2001Megan5New BerlinThe Mall
13th Nov 2001Gage3GreenwoodMy Insvisibility Cloak is COOL!!!
18th Nov 2001Jason5NorwalkThe Invisibility Cloak's Tale
18th Nov 2001Harry potterrrrrr2hogywartysow that will hurt
25th Nov 2001Laura3North SyracuseI'm Invisible!
30th Nov 2001Richard2Eaton Rapidsyou cant scare me
15th Dec 2001Cassie4Haverhill50 points from SLITHERIN?????????????
25th Dec 2001Jason4NorwalkMagic In The Air
1st Jan 2002Erik2Arlingtonimpossible intentions
1st Jan 2002Erik4ArlingtonThe best secret to know
2nd Jan 2002Amanda3Gold CoastTheme Park's
5th Jan 2002Rachel4Oconomowoc, WIThe Cloak
5th Jan 2002whitney2Rockinghamharry potter and the girl who nobody k
12th Jan 2002*~binny~*2NONEyoBEEZWAXAs I walk in
18th Jan 2002Katie4BrisbaneInvisibility Cloak
30th Jan 2002Samantha2PittsburghMy Invisibility Cloack
2nd Feb 2002karri2edmontonoh no
10th Feb 2002Nikki4BrisbaneThe big secret
12th Feb 2002connie3bozemanThe Invisibility Cloak
13th Feb 2002Marina2Camrose, AlbertaThe Magic Cloak Mysteries
13th Feb 2002Nikki5BrisbaneThe Big Secret part *2*
28th Feb 2002Akela3Hugoton,KSThe secret I heard
28th Feb 2002anon1Alice SpringsHp
9th Mar 2002Akela4HugotonThe secret I heard #2
13th Mar 2002Akela4Hugoton,KSThe sneek to Honey Dukes
13th Mar 2002Brad2ColumbiaMy Cloak
16th Mar 2002Nikki5BrisbaneIf I had an invisibility cloak!
17th Mar 2002Alexandria1N.Y.C.I pulled a prank on Harry Potter.
21st Mar 2002Hannah3QuakertownMake life a bit more exciting
25th Mar 2002Sarah3RomeThe Adventure
28th Mar 2002Akela4Hugoton,KSNow your free!
28th Mar 2002Akela3HugotonEXAMS
29th Mar 2002Akela2Hugoton,KSYES WE DID IT WE GOT THROUGH EXAMS!
4th Apr 2002Melika4NescopeckMe,My Cloak, and Me
20th Apr 2002Nikki5BrisbaneIf I had an invisibitlty cloak(The rhymi
22nd Apr 2002Anastasia2Missouri CityWhen Harry got a strang cloak.
4th May 2002Russell2BradfordMe,Myself,And My Invisibility Cloak
8th May 2002Andrea3San FranciscoNowhere to be seen....
7th Jun 2002Rebecca3Butte MTWhen Harry sneaks out to Slytherin
1st Jul 2002Megan3NapaneeThe spying cloak
15th Jul 2002Heather3HellamThe resons to have an invisibitly cloak
16th Jul 2002Jodi Kramer4Lavender CreekThe Invisibility Cloak
16th Jul 2002Jodi Kramer4Lavender CreekThe Invisibility Cloak II

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