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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
A Day in the Life of......

... your Mom, your Dad, a boy, a girl, a police officer, an astronaut, a wizard, a pencil, an egg, a car, your teacher - in fact anything you like! You write what it's like to be another person or thing.

Date Author * Town Title
18th May 2001Sam B3SpringfieldI'm a hamburger
21st May 2001Rizza Austria4Sinsheimer ElementarIn ten years..........
21st May 2001Heather Weltner4Sinsheimer ElementarIn ten years........
23rd May 2001Charles3StroudsburgA Day in the Life of My Grandpa
27th May 2001Olivia3seaham co durhamA Day In The Life Of... a seal
27th May 2001Taylor3CabotThe boxs
29th May 2001Sebastien4BagshotSebastien's Train
30th May 2001Jennifer3WaterburyCool School
30th May 2001Keith4waterburyThe hanted house
30th May 2001Benecia4Prince AlbertRiding Bike With My Friends
30th May 2001Shelby3FultonI wish I could be...#1
31st May 2001Ashley3Faribult, MNIf i had magical powers...
3rd Jun 2001Kay3LondonWANT A PAL?
4th Jun 2001cherish5lathropTo be or not to be .
4th Jun 2001Haley3LathropMY MOM
5th Jun 2001cherish3lathrop A day in my lif
6th Jun 2001Helen2MitchamIn five years
6th Jun 2001Jessica Gray2lathrop MissouriA Day In A Life
6th Jun 2001Stephanie3LeylandThe day in the life of a Primary school
7th Jun 2001Josephine2BrazilDOGS
12th Jun 2001Natasha4TexasMy Future Job
13th Jun 2001Mary1SmithtonMy First Love
13th Jun 2001Dino2WestburyMy first flaot
13th Jun 2001Anna1WestburyJoy of the day
13th Jun 2001Jordan2??????????45Day and 45nights
14th Jun 2001Lucas2PerryopolisMy life as a Doctor
14th Jun 2001Jared4PerryopolisMy Life as a Construction Worker
14th Jun 2001Luke4Perryopolisa baseball player
14th Jun 2001Michelle4PerryopolisMy Life as a Teacher
14th Jun 2001Andrew4PerryopolisMy Life as a Construction Worker
14th Jun 2001Jakob3PerryopolisMy Life as a Doctor
14th Jun 2001Samantha3DawsonWhat I Want to Be When I Grow Up
14th Jun 2001Mariah4DawsonIf I Were a Doctor
14th Jun 2001Hillary3GrindstoneWhat I want to do when I grow up
14th Jun 2001Christian3Fayette CityMy Vacation
14th Jun 2001Jarrett4VanderbiltMy Maryland Vacation
14th Jun 2001Ian4StarJunctionMy Vacation to Florida
14th Jun 2001Matthew4GrindstoneRace Car Driver
14th Jun 2001Josh3NewellMy Summer Vacation
14th Jun 2001Aaron4PerryopolisMy Career In Soccer
14th Jun 2001Brandon4Fayette CityMy Easter Vacation In Florida
14th Jun 2001Brittany4PerryopolisMy Summer Vacation
14th Jun 2001Aaron4PerryopolisWhat I what to be when i grow u
14th Jun 2001Jessica4PerryopolisIf I Were a Singer
14th Jun 2001Michael Jones4PerryopolisMy Favorite Vacation
14th Jun 2001james4grindstonedrive a truck
14th Jun 2001Kaitlin4Fayette CitySix Flags Vacation
14th Jun 2001zachary4VanderbiltWhen I Grow UpI
14th Jun 2001Rachael3PerryopolisWhen I Grow Up
14th Jun 2001Brooke Murphy2DawsonBrooke and Mary Kate and Ashley Make Mov

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