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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Harry Potter Adventures

Attention muggles! Wouldn't you love to have magical powers like Harry Potter? Or even be a part of his very exciting world. Let your imagination go wild and create your own magical Harry Potter adventure right here.

Date Author * Town Title
18th Jan 2001David4WashingtonRhyhorn
18th Jan 2001David4WashingtonRhydon
18th Jan 2001John4San DiegoAerodactyl
18th Jan 2001Maria4SeattleDitto
21st Jan 2001Jamie3Salter PathOnix
26th Jan 2001allen2durand charizard
27th Jan 2001melanie5palo altoRAICHU
27th Jan 2001hanna2koyanghello
28th Jan 2001andrew4belfastaward
1st Feb 2001Allison1Hampton N.H.Dita
1st Feb 2001steven3Denver,Coloradomy pokemon
18th May 2001Lauren4NorthamptonHP and the magic carpet-pt 1
19th May 2001alastair3new plymouthharry potter and the portkey to hogworts
19th May 2001michael2columbiawhere's harry potter
20th May 2001karen1seeharry
21st May 2001tessa1rochesterHarry Potter
22nd May 2001tylah1wjsduxmxharry pottter3
22nd May 2001Leah2MelbourneHary Poter and the mysterious ways
22nd May 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!)
23rd May 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-2
25th May 2001Amanda3WestfieldThe REAL Harry Potter Story
26th May 2001Justin5Detroit Magical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-3
28th May 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-4
28th May 2001zachary2Negaunee, MiThe Magic Dog
28th May 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-5
28th May 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Justi kidding!) Pt-6
30th May 2001Shelby5FultonHP Mix-Up
31st May 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-7
31st May 2001Christina4VegrevilleMy dog
1st Jun 2001jeni5little rock arkansasWATCH OUT!!!! hahaha i scared you
2nd Jun 2001Kelsey5San DiegoM adventures with Harry Potter
3rd Jun 2001britlex2seguinsecret of the magical world
3rd Jun 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-8
6th Jun 2001jeni2little rock arthe end of.........WATCH OUT!!!! hahaha
6th Jun 2001libby1wallarooharry and the dragon
7th Jun 2001Anidahouse3DUMOLPOVERTY HATE RICH
7th Jun 2001amanda3moose jawthe battle against the head warlock
10th Jun 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-9
10th Jun 2001Zachary4AmherstHarry Potter Meeting the Ghost of Sirius
10th Jun 2001louise3cairnsharry potter and the witch.
14th Jun 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-10
15th Jun 2001Ruby.4melbourneMy little Hedwig
15th Jun 2001Hannah2Melbournpowers & magic
15th Jun 2001Natalia4Pago PagoMy Secret Powers!
15th Jun 2001Rhiana1MelbournMagic.
15th Jun 2001Alexandra4MelbourneMy unknown powers
15th Jun 2001JESSICA3Sault Ste. Marie , harry potter and the se
17th Jun 2001hannah3londoncaboom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17th Jun 2001Justin5DetroitMagical Me ( Just kidding!) Pt-11