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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine

Feeling wonderful? Angry? Lonely? Sad? Don't keep it bottled up inside you - writing is a great way to express how you are feeling - good or bad.

Date Author * Town Title
2nd Dec 2000Lauren3MelbourneHigh School
26th Dec 2000tammy3l.afeeling
1st Jan 2001Amanda5Gold CoastHigh school
5th Jan 2001Todd3Gold CoastMy birthday feelings
6th Jan 2001Samantha2MeltonHigh school
6th Jan 2001Elise4MeltonDevastated
8th Jan 2001ashley3cross plainscountry kids
20th Jan 2001Vienna5LevittownA Midnight Walk
20th Jan 2001haley scott3hamiltonmy feelings
20th Jan 2001kimberly morales3freeportFEELINGS
23rd Jan 2001houston5corpus christiThe ouch feeling
23rd Jan 2001Reema5LevittownOnly One Moment
31st Jan 2001Natalie2londonMy dream boy
3rd Feb 2001micheala2nsw.loving the right person
3rd Feb 2001courtney5nswgoing to kindy
5th Feb 2001Joe5Orange townFellings
5th Feb 2001Greta3St. ChristopherMy house
6th Feb 2001Autumn2StreatorHAPPY
6th Feb 2001Cassie5ScotiaI wanna be with u
6th Feb 2001Christina5AbileneSometimes I Need to be Alone
15th Feb 2001Sara5Omaha, NeEveryone Needs a Loving Mother
16th Feb 2001christina5hopemommy and daddy don't live 2gether anymo
19th Feb 2001J.D.4San DiegoMy Little Brother
23rd Feb 2001Alison1BrisbaneHappy
26th Feb 2001?4stevenagefeeling unconfident and alone!
5th Mar 2001Beth4Madisonvillegood fellings.
5th Mar 2001Caprice5MadisonvilleIn My Heart
6th Mar 2001Jessie2oklahomaPrivacy
8th Mar 2001Jessie3OklahomaFeelings About......BOYS
10th Mar 2001sarah4nilMy feelings
18th Mar 2001 hailey4san diegohelp for any one
20th Mar 2001kitra2winfiledthe bad girl
26th Mar 2001faustino3la Mesamy dog
27th Mar 2001Jessie3OkFeelings
30th Mar 2001saiful1singaporemy feelings
8th Apr 2001beth5melbournedont hold in feelings!
10th Apr 2001Erin3LanarkMy Feelings
13th Apr 2001Tara5ReginaThe Little Girl Who Was Sad
14th Apr 2001Amanda3Gold coastScared feelings
15th Apr 2001Todd3Gold coastSometimes Happy
18th Apr 2001Brittany5Orlando, FLAMy Parent's Divorce
21st Apr 2001Tara5ReginaMy Birthday Wish
24th Apr 2001tina4granvillehenry the pig
24th Apr 2001tina3granvillethe way i feel
1st May 2001Anonymous5ManilaNostalgia
5th May 2001Svetii5EdmontonDreams
5th May 2001Svetii5EdmontonShattered
5th May 2001Mikaela1Whangareiharf a bad day
9th May 2001Jenna3puyallupmy boyfriend