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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
My Favorite...(anything)

Everybody has a special or favorite thing. What's your favorite thing? Have you got a favorite toy, place, song, teacher, Pokemon, dinosaur let us know.
Did you know that you can also spell favorite like this: favourite!

Date Author * Town Title
4th Jul 1997Amirah Mohammad Riza3Nilai N.SembilanI watch ALONG
1st Jul 1998Jaclyn4HarahanMy Favorite Game
21st Nov 1998ALEXA2My Favorite
11th May 1999Nimmi Lavu3DanvilleMy Favorite time
6th Jan 2000Samantha2LondonI Like To Sing
10th Apr 2000Brittany.3Beaumont.My monkey.
16th Apr 2000Amir keen4AtlantaI will always love my Smokey.......
26th Apr 2000Shilanter1LexitonPokemon
26th Apr 2000Meagan1DearbornPokemon:WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26th Apr 2000Ashleigh3SydneyPokemon
28th Apr 2000Eric1Madison Heights,VirgMy Favorite......
28th Apr 2000Lyndsey3ScammonMy Favorite Sport is Twirling
29th Apr 2000Stacey2Baltimore,MarylandI like
1st May 2000Maddison3BrisbaneMaddison's Farourites.
1st May 2000Tayla3BrisbaneMy Favourie Things
2nd May 2000Kevin and Jamie2South riverCheezy Pizza
7th May 2000Peyton3ReformMy Favorite Thing
12th May 2000lynn3c'villeMy Favorite....................
20th May 2000Lisa4GreenbayMy horse filled day
22nd May 2000Amy1EloraI Love My pokemon
23rd May 2000Mabel3MissionRUSTY MY DOG
24th May 2000Kaysie3CampbelltownPokemon
1st Jun 2000Cesar3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
1st Jun 2000Alex3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
1st Jun 2000Kevin3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
1st Jun 2000Zachary3BostonMy favorite Dinosaur
1st Jun 2000Kevin S.3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
1st Jun 2000Damian3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
1st Jun 2000Kamar4BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
1st Jun 2000Derren3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
1st Jun 2000Angelique3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
2nd Jun 2000Shernice3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
2nd Jun 2000Chi Chi3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
2nd Jun 2000Karina3San FranciscoMy favorite ice cream
5th Jun 2000Kareena3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
5th Jun 2000Lea3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
5th Jun 2000Yildirim3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
5th Jun 2000LISBETH4BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
6th Jun 2000Anthony3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
6th Jun 2000Ryan3BostonMy favorite Dinosaur
6th Jun 2000Jesse3BostonMy Favorite Dinosaur
7th Jun 2000Mj3Winston salemMy favorite pokemon iiiiissssss....
8th Jun 2000Emily1RosemereMy Pokemon Are The Best
8th Jun 2000Robyn1RosemereMY POKEMON !
9th Jun 2000Emily4CincinnatiMy Favorite Things
13th Jun 2000Mi-ran3SeoulMy favorite...
13th Jun 2000Peter2SuoleHi! Nice to meet you
13th Jun 2000Chul Yong1SeoulHi... My name is Chul Yong.

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