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This is our Divergent Book & Movie app for fans of Veronica Roth's bestselling science fiction novel.

Here you will find information about the characters of the book, facts and news that you may or may not know.

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Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless Erudite Tris Four Eric Jeanine
Jokes and Riddles

Laughter is the best medicine so make someone smile and share your joke today! Why did the chicken cross the road? So that it could read our Jokes and Riddles!

Date Author * Town Title
17th May 1997Catherine Begg2MeltonKnock Knock
21st May 1997Chad Lee3ChicagoMy Favorite
21st May 1997Jennifer Worthington4KalamazooHospital Frog
25th May 1997Johnny3MelbourneMy Riddle
28th May 1997Julian Jones3EmeryvilleElephants
20th Jun 1997Karthik Muralidharan3CupertinoOrange
22nd Jun 1997Jason5NorthbendPeanuts
2nd Jul 1997Dong Chen4ChicagoWhere do cows go on saturday nights?
4th Jul 1997Joey3San FranciscoKnock knock
4th Jul 1997Genny5San FranciscoMickey Mouse
5th Jul 1997Tyrone3JohannesburgGood riddle or two
6th Jul 1997Jennifer3Palm SpringsCows
7th Jul 1997Michelle4CocoaCar Go
14th Jul 1997Rickey5PhillyMommy Cow
14th Jul 1997Jane4WindsorRiddle This
17th Jul 1997Melanie Consiglio3OceansideTigger
22nd Jul 1997Zach Hiner2Williamston"Foreign"
1st Aug 1997Kendall & Bria Dodds4San DiegoSeahorse
4th Aug 1997Brittany Curcione4LawrencevilleElephant
5th Aug 1997Paul Michaels4Wichita KSBrocoli
8th Aug 1997Sara3DenverEggs
9th Aug 1997Chantle3Kapolei, HiDuck
31st Aug 1997Andy Ross-perry3San RafaelDuck and his love for grapes
4th Sep 1997Bri Seronko4McGregor, IADancing and Batman
7th Sep 1997Samuel Robson5LauncestonFunny ha ha
11th Sep 1997Tyron Momberg5Cape TownHow to catch a squirrel
14th Sep 1997Danielle Serafini4Winsted CTGraveyard
14th Sep 1997Danielle Serafini3Winsted CT. 06098No Title
21st Sep 1997Brittany Rosenblatt3Newnan GeorgiaTalking House
24th Sep 1997Ryan4OshawaSick Cookie
25th Sep 1997Jacek4HartfordName
29th Sep 1997Sim Miao Zhen5BishanFunny Days
29th Sep 1997Sim Miao Zhen4BishanWitchi Witches
29th Sep 1997Sim Miao Zhen4BishanA visit to . . . . . .
29th Sep 1997Sim Miao Zhen3BishanMouse
29th Sep 1997Sim Miao Zhen4BishanNice Mice
29th Sep 1997Sim Miao Zhen4BishanMagic Colour
2nd Oct 1997Kevin5Cupertino CaliforniaNumbers
7th Oct 1997Trevan Locke3Lynnville, TNDracula
12th Oct 1997Kristyn3Baytown, TxBunnies
13th Oct 1997Nick4HolladaleA cat with a big appetite
15th Oct 1997Jennifer3GeelongCalf
15th Oct 1997Marvin3BrownsvillBarber
18th Oct 1997Tanvi desai3HyderabadDifference
18th Oct 1997Tanvi desai4HyderabadLeaning tower of pisa
18th Oct 1997Heem Desai3HyderabadComputers
18th Oct 1997Tanvi Desai4HyderabadDiscovery