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Toy Store - Special Needs

As a teacher of children with special needs, the toys and equipment in this category appealed to me because they are fundamental - things like counting blocks, sorting sets and clocks to teach time are all things that I used in my classroom.

I like these materials because they are hands on - you can feel them, pick them up, play with them, and put them together with your own hands. While that might not seem very exciting for most of us, a lot of children with special needs are very visual and tactile (relating to the sense of touch) and benefit from handling materials rather than moving them around on a screen.

Electronic learning has its place in the classroom or homeschool situation, but for very basic skills, nothing beats being able to pick something up with your vey own hands.

In the reading and writing section, I really like the look of the Alphabet Imagination Village Puzzle and Playboard for the language opporunities it can offer and the Wooden ABC/123 blocks because they have a raised surface which can be felt or traced with the fingers. I also like the ABC Alphabet Fun because it uses lower case and upper case letters.

In the Math and Time section, I love the Magentic Calender - this is a great tool for autistic kids who need to know what's happening next and the Math Mat Challenge game for something a little different and physical - good for students who find it hard to sit still while doing their sums!

There's so much more I could say, but have a look around - there are some great products here that, if your teaching a special needs student, I'm sure you'll find useful.

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