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Toy Store - Learn at Home

The Learn at home range of toys is where you'll find the more traditional educational toys - lacing beads, wooden shape sorters as well as more modern learning aids. I thought this would be particularly useful for people who were home-schooling their children.

In Math and Time you'll find some basic math materials such as pattern blocks, counters, puzzles, cash registers etc. The Counting and Sorting Lab is a great starter's kit to teach beginning math and comes with a guide as well. Or you could try the Primary Maths Resources Kit which can be used in conjunction with any major textbook series for the ealry elementary level.

In the Reading and Writing section you'll find lots of non-electronic toys that teach the alphabet, number and shape. There are some really nice quality wooden alphabet puzzles and block and check out the Wooden Magnetic books series by Melissa and Doug - very nice, not to mention educational!

So while your teaching your little ones all these wonderful things, don't forget to keep stocked up with all the right equipment from the educationa supplies section. Happy Teaching.

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