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Toy Store - Building Blocks and Construction Sets

Block and construction sets get the thumbs up from me for the social and imagination value they give kids. My mum gave my kids a fantastic set of wooden blocks one year and we just have the best time with it. We've reconstructed the Hi-5 concert we went to, re-built our house, made a garden, people, towns and the playground. This gives my (now 4) year old daughter an opportunity to talk about and recall events and to create new things from her imagination.

I really like the Magnetics sets because of the endless flexiblity and creativity it inspires. Also, have a look at the Super Roller Coaster from K'NEX - it looks like a great activity for older kids and gets some good reviews from customers who have already bought it.

Mess is always an issue with blocks, so investing in some suitable storage at the same time is a good idea. Our block set came with a sturdy canvas bag which has been great for a quick clean-up. Happy shopping.

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