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Help your child unleash their creativity with this range of art and craft products! One of the more interesting things we had when I was teaching Grade 5 and 6 was a "publishing room". For selected stories throughout the year, the students would be allowed in the Publishing Room to turn their stories into a work of art. I've never seen students more motivated to write and complete a good story, as I did then.

So this section is inspired by that time - seeing children create works of art. One of my favourite things here is the Crayola Fashion Light Up Tracing Desk (under drawing and colouring). This a plastic block on which you place your picture and tracing paper. You switch it on and the whole block lights up so you can clearly see the picture you are going to trace. I can imagine this being immensely useful for children creating projects where pictures or diagrams are required, especially those who don't have much confidence in their own drawing ability.

As well as developing creativity, arts and crafts also have a hand in developing fine motor skills. Children with dyspraxia would benefit from the practice they get with some of the activities here. Manipulating playdough, tracing, drawing, colouring and putting things together all combine to develop the manual dexterity skills we need for everyday life.

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