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Famous Painting Primavera (The Allegory of Spring ).
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Primavera (The Allegory of Spring ).

Name: Primavera (The Allegory of Spring ).
Artist: Sandro Botticelli
Location: Uffizi, Florence, Italy
Year: 1482

Botticelli was a brilliant draftsman with a sophisticated understanding of perspective and anatomy. To this he added an astounding and gracious poetry of vision. And none of his paintings demonstrate this divine gift better than this, large mythological painting which was restored to its true colour in 1982. Scholars have argued what this painting, which is also knows as 'The Rites of Spring' is actually about. Botticelli catches the freshness of an early spring morning, with the pale light shining through the tall, straight trees, already laden with their golden fruit: oranges. The mythological figures can be identified as (right to left): Zephyr running after the nymph Clori, who transforms herself into Flora, goddess of Fecundity; in the centre is Venus, goddess of Love and here represented as queen of her realm, with Cupid straining a dart to the three Graces, while Mercury raises the caduceo to the clouds. Many flowers in the grass symbolize a wedding.

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