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Famous Painting Women from Arles in the Public Garden.
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Women from Arles in the Public Garden.

Name: Women from Arles in the Public Garden.
Artist: Paul Gauguin
Location: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Year: 1888

This is one of the paintings Gauguin produced when he stayed with Vincent van Gough in Arles for two months. The two great artists worked side by side. Their methods were quite different. Van Gough painted rapidly, with thick coats of pigment. He preferred to work directly from nature. Gauguin worked from memory building his image with thin layers of colour in a slow, methodical way. The composition of this painting has almost abstract qualities and the three women of Arles are sometimes, ironically referred to as the 'Three Graces'. The two artists argued and debated the aesthetics of painting to a point where Vincent threatened Gauguin with a blade. Gauguin fled and never saw van Gogh again.

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