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Famous Painting The Four Breton Girls.
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The Four Breton Girls.

Name: The Four Breton Girls.
Artist: Paul Gauguin
Location: Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Germany
Year: 1886

This is one of the fine examples of Gauguin's work during the late 1880s period. His painting technique by then had departed from the Impressionists. He used broad areas of colour, relatively flat but nevertheless containing subtle variations of hue that give them a rich glow. He often added wax to his paints to give them extra smoothness and flow, and the paint is seldom thick, being thinnest at the edges of forms, where Prussian blue or earth red is often used to outline and strengthen the shapes. Sometimes parts of backgrounds were applied with a palette knife and then overlaid with thin, translucent paint put on with a brush.

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