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Famous Painting Scene of Bullfight.
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Scene of Bullfight.

Name: Scene of Bullfight.
Artist: Francisco Goya
Location: Private collection.
Year: 1824

Bullfights were and are still very much part of Spanish life. Danger and action of the bullfight appealed to Goya's temperament and he created many paintings and etchings depicting bullfights. Often interesting side events are happening in the background. The combination Goya / bullfight remains a powerful attraction in today's Spain. Every summer they celebrate the "corrida goyesca" ("Goyesque bullfight") in the 17th-century bullring of the mountain town of Ronda with modern-day matadors outfitted in suits from Goya's time. It's a major social event comparable to Ascot in England, where the cream of Spanish society turns out in all their finery for a day of folly, an ambience in which Goya, the court painter, master of highest-of-high and lowest-of-low folly, would have felt very much at home.

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