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Famous Painting The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid.
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The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid.

Name: The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid.
Artist: Francisco Goya
Location: Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain
Year: 1814

On this monumental canvas Goya depicts an event that happened in Madrid when Napoleon had 5000 civilians executed for revolting against his army. The painter depicts fear and defiance in the enlarged white eyes of the patriots still alive, some shielding their eyes and faces with their hands. Profuse blood seeps from the dead lying on the ground. The firing squad of soldiers massed together (only their backs visible to the viewer), shoot the unarmed, shabbily dressed peasants at an alarmingly close range. Strong light from a single lantern illuminates the face and body of one white-shirted, condemned man on his knees, Christ-like at the moment he is being shot. The powerless, innocent and grieving victims, next to be sacrificed, are hemmed in by a barren hill, behind which looms the outline of barely visible city buildings, including a church.

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