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Famous Painting Weeping Woman.
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Weeping Woman.

Name: Weeping Woman.
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Location: Penrose collection, London, UK
Year: 1937

Picasso painted many versions of the "weeping Woman". This may be the most well-known of these paintings. It is painted in highly saturated colours, dominated by a mustard yellow, accentuated with black, purple, green and red, and white tinged with purple. Rather than expressing a festive feeling, the colours of here create a morbid effect that highlights her anguished features. "the white handkerchief.. hides nothing of the agonized grimace on her lips; it serves merely to bleach her cheeks with the colour of death" ( Penrose) Her swollen fingers, the handkerchief gripped in her teeth, and the cylindrical tears pouring from her eyes become fused into one motif. Her eyeballs fringed with dark lashes are askew from their sockets. The whole conveys the inner feeling of agony (Goggin).

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