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Famous Painting Three musicians.
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Three musicians.

Name: Three musicians.
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Location: The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA.
Year: 1921

"This painting demonstrates Picasso's dazzling ability to present visual complexities that include the superb geometric variations of triangle and circle in the headdress; the dramatic light contrasts that run from the brilliant, milky whites of the Pierrot to the sombre, shadowy blacks of the monk; the equilibrium of solid-coloured planes among the more intricate patterns of veils of the two masks at the right; the circular motifs of solid and void in the recorder's finger holes, the music notation, and the seeing but unseen eyes of these phantom minstrels; and the poetic Cubist analogy made between the three strings of the guitar and the three-lined staffs of the music" ( Rosenblum)

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