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Famous Painting Night Fishing at Antibes.
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Night Fishing at Antibes.

Name: Night Fishing at Antibes.
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Location: . The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA.
Year: 1939

In the centre of the picture two fishermen in a boat, one peering with a hideous grimace into the water and the other making frantic efforts to secure their catch were being watched by two girls in gay frocks. One of them, wheeling her bicycle along the quay, licked a double ice-cream cone with a sharp blue tongue like a bee drinking honey from a flower. The decoy lamp, to the fish a treacherous substitute for the sun, hung ambiguously on the horizon. Over its yellow surface Picasso had drawn a red spiral, his early symbol for a source of nourishment (Penrose).

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