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Famous Painting The Vision of the Chariot of Fire.
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The Vision of the Chariot of Fire.

Name: The Vision of the Chariot of Fire.
Artist: Giotto
Location: Fresco. St. Francis, Upper Church, Assisi, Italy.
Year: 1295

"And behold, about midnight when some of the brethren were sleeping and others were praying devoutly in silence, a fiery chariot entered through the door of the house. It wheeled around inside, here and there, two or three times. A big globe of bright light rode above it like the sun and lit up the night. Those who had been asleep were startled into waking, and all of the watchers were amazed. They gathered together in wonder, trying to say what it was. Then, by the grace of the light, each one's mind was opened to the others, and they understood that it was the soul of their holy father that shone with such brilliance in tenderness for his sons . . ." (Thomas of Celano)

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