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Famous Painting Confirmation of the Rule.
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Confirmation of the Rule.

Name: Confirmation of the Rule.
Artist: Giotto
Location: Bardi Chapel, Church of Santa Croce, Florence, Italy.
Year: 1319

This is one of the salient episodes in the life of St. Francis: he went to Rome with his brothers to ask Pope Innocent III to approve the new order's rule that was based on a vow of poverty, obedience and chastity. The fact that Francis, who came from a wealthy family, renounced his fortune to preach to the humble aroused more than a few perplexities among the Roman curia that feared the spread of religious notions that were beyond pontifical control. For this reason approval only came after complex reflection. Here Giotto conveyed the historical significance of the event with two facing groups: the pope above, and the brothers kneeling in humility and recognition of the constituted papal authority.

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