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Famous Painting The Expulsion of the Demons from Arezzo. (Detail)
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The Expulsion of the Demons from Arezzo. (Detail)

Name: The Expulsion of the Demons from Arezzo. (Detail)
Artist: Giotto
Location: St. Francis, Upper Church, Assisi, Italy
Year: 1295

"It happened once that Francis came to Arezzo where the whole town was wracked by feuding and civil conflicts. As he approached the city he saw devils rejoicing over it and stirring up the citizens to each other's destruction, so he called a brother, Sylvester by name, a man of God of worthy simplicity, and he said to him: 'Go before the gate of the city and on the part of almighty God command the devils to leave the city quickly.' The man hurried to the city gate speaking psalms of praise before the face of the Lord. Then he cried out loudly before the gate: 'On the part of almighty God, and at the command of our father Francis, depart from here, all you devils!' " (Thomas of Celano)

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