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Famous Painting St. Francis Giving His Cloak to a Poor Man.
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St. Francis Giving His Cloak to a Poor Man.

Name: St. Francis Giving His Cloak to a Poor Man.
Artist: Giotto
Location: St. Francis, Upper Church, Assisi, Italy
Year: 1295

"Once when Francis was travelling, he met a stranger who had two little lambs hanging bound up over his shoulder. When the saint heard them bleating, he was filled with pity. He approached and he touched them gently as a mother caresses her weeping children. He asked the man, 'Why are you torturing my brother lambs in this way?' The man answered: 'I am taking them to market because I need the money.' Francis asked: 'But then what will happen to them?' He answered: 'Those who buy them will kill them and eat them, I suppose.' 'God forbid!' the saint replied. 'This must not happen. Give the lambs to me, and take this mantle that I am wearing as their price.' The stranger gladly gave him the lambs and took the cloak, for the cloak was worth much more money." (Thomas of Celano)

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