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Red Balloon (Roter Ballon).

Name: Red Balloon (Roter Ballon).
Artist: Paul Klee
Location: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
Year: 1922

This half-abstract, half-representational scene was created just one year before Klee started creating purely abstract art. Poised above this charming cityscape, a red balloon is detached from the rest of the composition, extending the overall visual sensation of drifting lightness and freedom of movement. In the Red Balloon, Klee may have used a special oil transfer drawing technique he developed in an effort to create the misty texture of his lithographs, in his paintings. He brushed a thinned oil paint onto one side of a piece of paper, then like making a carbon copy, he drew on the back of the painted sheet with a pen or stylus. The resulting lines have a feathered, smudged quality. (source: Guggenheim Museum)

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