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Famous Painting L'Assassin Menace (The Menaced Assassin).
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L'Assassin Menace (The Menaced Assassin).

Name: L'Assassin Menace (The Menaced Assassin).
Artist: Rene Magritte
Location: The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA.
Year: 1926

Magritte painted this piece while in the Parisian Surrealism scene. In this painting, two men in bowler hats, one holding a human limb as a club and the other holding a net, wait outside a room.

In the room, a man listens to a record while a bleeding, nude female lies on a bed. Three men observe the scene from the outside.

Here, Magritte explores space and perspective by playing with the foreground and background.

Some critics liken this painting to an episode of Louis Feuillade's Fantomas, the evil genius of crime whom the Surrealists adopted as their corrupt hero. Fantomas was the sly criminal who never once, in a long lifetime of thirty-two volumes, got caught for any sort of wrongdoing. He turned human values and morality upside-down and always outsmarted the law.

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