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Famous Painting The Creation of Adam. Fresco.
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The Creation of Adam. Fresco.

Name: The Creation of Adam. Fresco.
Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti
Location: The Sistine Chapel
Year: 1508

The Sistine Chapel fresco depicts nine narrative scenes depicting events from Genesis; the most sublime scene is this 'Creation of Adam' in which his new vision of humanity attains pictorial form. The dimension of this vision leaves the viewer almost breathless. "Love radiates from the face of God and from the face of man. God wills his child to be no less than himself. As if to confirm this, a marvellous being looks out from among the host of spirits that bear the Father on their wings; a genius of love encircled by the left arm of the Creator. This figure has intrigued commentators from the beginning and has been variously interpreted as the uncreated Eve, or Sophia, divine wisdom. Be that as it may, this figure undoubtedly signifies beatific rapture."

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