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Famous Painting The Wayfarer.
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The Wayfarer.

Name: The Wayfarer.
Artist: Hieronymus Bosch
Location: Monasterio de San Lorenzo, El Escorial, Spain
Year: 1500

This image first appears on the outer panels of the great Haywain triptych. In this early version, the wayfarer was beset by all manner of evil. Yet unlike his first attempt, in the later painting, with the exception of the snarling dog, all of the dangers are spiritual. The greatest of which is the tavern that symbolizes the world and the Devil in general. Typical of Bosch's vision of the tavern, this inn is characterized by loutish and seductive behaviour. From the man urinating against the wall to the couple embracing in the doorway, the tavern is the place where humanity turns its back on purity in pursuit of self-gratification. And it is also typical of the seductive character of sin that the pilgrim, beset by the weariness and terrors of the world stops in his journey with an almost wistful glance.

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