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Famous Painting David (detail). Marble.
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David (detail). Marble.

Name: David (detail). Marble.
Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti
Location: Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence, Italy.
Year: 1501

In 1501 Michelangelo was commissioned to create the David and was given a block of marble for this purpose. Today this work is considered one of the two ultimate masterpieces of Renaissance sculpture, the other one being his Pieta. David portrays the Biblical David at the moment that he decides to engage Goliath. It stands 4.1m (13'5") high. The David is based on the artistic discipline of disegno, which is built on knowledge of the male human form. Under this discipline, sculpture is considered to be the finest form of art because it mimics divine creation. Because Michelangelo adhered to the concepts of disegno, he worked under the premise that the image of David was already in the block of stone he was working on -- in much the same way as the human soul is thought to be found within the physical body.

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