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Famous Artists
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Famous Artists

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Famous Artists

Famous Paintings

Famous Artists in 3D

Famous Paintings in 3D

Articles: (**Need editing*)

  • Introduction
  • What good artist do
  • Getting started with art
  • A jump start to drawing

Learning art through great artists and their paintings is fun and exciting. Our friend and resident artist Stefan Mager has kindly given this introduction to the art world.

Salvador Dali1904-01-011989-01-01Visual knock out paintings!
Vincent van Gogh1853-01-011890-01-01The man who cut off his ear!
Michelangelo Buonarroti1475-01-011564-01-01Painter & sculptor extraordinary!
Pablo Picasso1881-01-011973-01-01The dynamic Old Spaniard!
Jackson Pollock1912-01-011956-01-01A tortured American soul!
Leonardo da Vinci1452-01-011519-01-01Maybe the greatest genius ever?
Hieronymus Bosch1460-01-011518-01-01Is this the strangest painter ever?
Sandro Botticelli1445-01-011510-01-01The most sublime painter!
Giorgio de Chirico1888-01-011978-01-01What do these paintings mean?
Paul Gauguin1848-01-011903-01-01Lived and painted Tahiti!
Giotto1267-01-011337-01-01Hundreds of years old & stunning.
Francisco Goya1746-01-011828-01-01A fearless, unflinching artist!
Frida Kahlo1907-01-011954-01-01The Queen of Mexican art!
Paul Klee1879-01-011940-01-01Like looking into a rock pool!
Rene Magritte1898-01-011967-01-01Imagination baffling paintings!
Raphael1483-01-011520-01-01Superb harmony and balance!
Rembrandt van Rijn1606-01-011669-01-01The great Dutch innovator.
Diego Rivera1886-01-011957-01-01The greatest modern muralist!
Andy Warhol1928-01-011987-01-01He invented pop-art!
Henri Matisse1869-01-011954-01-01The quite, unassuming master!

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