edbydesign.com is an Australian website  dedicated to helping kids of all abilities learn. Online since 1997.

About Us



Edbydesign.com is an Australian educational web site that is dedicated to sharing our holistic approach to educating children. Have a look at our Educational Philosophy. To achieve this goal, our web site has three distinct sections .

  • Kids Activities: Interactive, educational activities for children 5 – 12. Play Scrambler puzzles, practise mathematical skills, and publish your stories, jokes, riddles, and poems online. Some of our activities are designed to cater for children at a very basic level of understanding while other activities are designed to extend and develop their creativity.
  • Learning Resource: Practical ideas and strategies that will encourage and inspire parents and teachers to give children a positive learning experience.
  • Special Needs Resource: Inspirational ideas and information for teachers, therapists and parents to encourage children with intellectual disabilities to reach their full potential.

At edbydesign.com, we value your feedback. We’d like to create a site that gives you what you’re looking for and would love to hear your ideas, comments and suggestions, so please tell us what you think on our feedback form.